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Transparency * Trust * Efficiency

Donation Tracker lets you to Donate money to a non profit (Club, Group, Association or Charity) and then Track what your donation is used for. Good Things look better up Close...
Our mission is to create a water-tight transparent fundraising environment. We believe that with transparency comes efficiency and a trusting relationship.

Good things look even better up close!

Three steps to greater transparency:

Find a Non Profit you are interested in
-> Use the search facility above. Research, Contact them or follow their twitter updates for a while..

Donate a small amount onto their card
-> Your donation goes directly onto a credit card issued to the treasurer of the non profit
-> The non profit can make purchases on this card (e.g. pay phone bill, buy office supplies, pay insurance bill)
-> They are constrained from doing other things (e.g. they can not make salary or bonus payments from the card) See it here

Track your donation by reviewing spending on their card statement
-> Your donation grants you access to review the card account statement
-> If you have questions about a particular purchase (e.g a very large phone bill) we provide a public facility for you to ask for an explanation
-> The size of your donation determines for how long you have access to see the statement See it here


Public confidence in Corporate Governance, Accountability and Audit Controls are at an all time low. This extends to all organizations, including those in the non profit sector
  • Are you curious about what happens to the money you donate to your favourite non profit association, club or charity?
  • What would their bank statement look like? Donations coming in | Payments and purchases going out
  • What would happen if every donor could see this statement, highlight an item of spending and request the Treasurer to explain what is was for by simply clicking on a web link?
  • Would you donate more or more often if you had fully transparent online access to what your donation is used for and could ask questions at any time?

    This is the concept behind

  • Our Guiding Principle:

    Accountability Repeated

    Trust = Greater Involvement & Support

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