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About the Organisation is a Non Profit Organization which aims to improve financial transparency and accountability in the Small-Medium sized Non Profit sector.

In simple terms: We allow people to donate to charities and see exactly where their money is being spent.

Funding: The organization is designed to be self-sustaining, i.e. it will cover its own costs by charging a clear fee per transaction (circa 20c eur), but will not make a profit. Excess funds in any given period will be re-invested to improve the service to our users. Good Things look better up Close...

People: We are made up of volunteers from the Payments Industry and senior Finance and Accounting professionals. Currently there are no salaried employees.

Location: We have built an architecture which is designed to work across Europe and in the US. The initial pilot launch will be in Ireland.

Our Mission Statement: aims to create an Environment which will Reward Non Profits who embrace good governance practices.
  • Environment: technology delivering a “water tight” mechanism to track what happens to your donation
  • Reward: An incremental funding source from traditionally sceptical donors
  • Good Governance: Transparent Accounting, efficiency in the use of funds

    To the Donor:
    Seeing your donation being used productively will build the relationship and trust required to feel confident about giving more, and more often…
  • People exists because of the voluntary support of Payments, Technology and Finance Professionals who have an interest in the core concepts of financial transparency as a vehicle to efficiency. There have been many contributors a small number of whom are listed below:

    Anthony O'Meara Anthony O'Meara Anthony is a founding director of He holds responsibility for the payments infrastructure and issuer/acquirer relationships and the day to day operation of the organization. Outside of DonationTracker Anthony is a Financial Services and Payments Industry consultant working for clients mainly in the US and Europe.
    You can see a full profile here: Anthony O'Meara on LinkedIn

    Colin Tate Colin Tate Colin is a founding director of His key focus is on ensuring a practical, streamlined service at both a technical and business level. Outside of DonationTracker, Colin advises companies across several industries in the UK and Europe on improving website conversion, and is Co-Founder of Signpostr.
    You can see a full profile here: Colin on LinkedIn

    Colin Tate Andrea Krautzberger Andrea is heading our strategic planning effort. She has over 10 years of experience in the Payments Industry, having worked in Finance, Sales & Marketing, “Business, Planning and Analysis” as well as in Pricing & Profitability. Currently she is researching and market testing key concepts while completing an MBA at Henley Business School.
    You can see a full profile here: Andrea on LinkedIn