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PROJECT STATUS - November 2009 is transitioning from the conceptual phase to live pilot with a select number of Non Profits.

Our most recent achievement was the competion of the demo site.
The Demo Site is a fully functional and secure website with approx 85% of the final development completed.
This includes all of the key modules with the exception of those which require integration with a PSP (accepting actual credit card payments) and issuer (displaying live bank account details).

Currently we have two priorities:

  1. 1. Work through the demo site with interested Non Profits, and agree customizations to support their needs
  2. 2. Complete the Market Research Phase - (lead by Andrea Krautzberger and Henley Business School)

While we are still in discussion with the first pilot Non Profits we have not opened the demo the public - but are happy to provide private reviews with interested parties.

Please contact us for further details. We are always open for feedback!