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Why Sign up to Donation Tracker?

The service is aimed at clubs, associations, charities, community organizations who have significant domestic expenses that can be paid for by card. For example:
  • Utilities: Telecom, Electricity, Gas etc eg. Heating club Hall
  • Local Purchases: Stationary, Food, Sports Equipment, Stamps, Room Hire
  • There are a number of clear advantages for a participating Non Profit:

    Incremental Source of Donations
    We believe this service will bring in a new type of donor incremental rather than replacement revenue They are younger, more technology savvy but also more sceptical and less likely to start donating to a new non profit. Our research has analysed in detail what it takes to get this generation involved in non profit ventures. Financial Transparency is key. See more about this research here.

    Marketing Functionality See it here and here
    Included in the service is a suite of applications which enable you to better understand your donor's behaviour. This includes statistical analysis, and database export utilities and e-mail lists subject to donor contact preferences.

    Accounting Functionality See it here and here
    Also included with the services are a suite of accounting reports and related functionality. This is designed to support your accounting processes, for example tagging P&L accounts to individual transactions and generated reports using these structures.

    It's free, easy to set up and promotes best practice
    Most importantly, participating with Donation Tracker promotes good financial management within your own organiztion. It's easy to set up and there are no costs above those already charged by your bank. is a non profit, and goes by the same principals of financial transparency which we expect of our participating non profits.

    How do I register my Non Profit?

    The first step is to contact us to discuss your unique requirements. There are three steps to setting up:
  • Credit Card Issuer. You can continue to use your existing banking relationship, but may wish to request a separate card for this process. Internet banking will need to turned on, with the ability for a third party to access the statement details only - this is a standard service provided by most banks.
  • A merchant Account. Donationtracker has an exclusive arrangement with a merchant acquirer and can streamline this process. The "funding account" on your merchant relationship will be set to pay onto the selected credit card directly.
  • Setup. It takes just minutes to place get your homepage live on donation tracker. After this you can edit your own content either online, or via text messages from your phone. will then support you with promoting the new service. Good Things look better up Close...